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People Are Saying ‘The Invitation’ On Netflix Is Scary Good

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Okay, all you horror movie lovers. Welcome to the dinner party from hell!

Courtesy of Movieclips Trailers on YouTube

The Invitation is the PERFECT Netflix film for your next scary movie binge watching night.


This movie centers around Will. His ex-wife, Eden, has invited him to a dinner party. He thinks it’s a bit weird, because he hasn’t seen her in more than two years, but he decides to attend anyway.


All their old friends are going to be at this party, so Will decides to put his uneasy feelings aside, and try to enjoy the evening. But, he just can’t kick the feeling that something isn’t quite right.


Two years ago, Will and Eden tragically lost their only child, and Eden subsequently attempted suicide. As you can imagine, it is very uncomfortable for Will to be back in the same house, amongst all the memories that come with it.


Things get even more uncomfortable when Eden and her new husband, David, start the night by showing a video. This video explains that the couple have been in Mexico, attending The Invitation — which is a known cult.

*Cue Twilight Zone Music*


It gets even more weird, when people start noticing that they are getting no cell phone reception in the house. And why are all the doors locked?

Or are they? Could Will just be going crazy, dealing with his grief over a lost child?


It doesn’t help that Eden and David have invited two new friends to the party, and they just don’t seem quite right. I mean why is Sadie going around pantless? She is just creepy.


If you love slow-burn tension filled thrillers, this one is for you. I’ll be honest, it scared me to DEATH, but then I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to all things scary.

People are saying it’s scary good all over Twitter too:


You may have to sleep with the lights on, but you’ll love this film. Ha!

See the trailer for The Invitation below.

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