Rob Lowe Keeps His Christmas Tree Alive With A Secret Mixture of 7UP And Water

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Rob Lowe is obsessed with caring for his Christmas tree. He recently even stopped by the Ellen Show to talk about his obsession with keeping the pine needles alive and attached to the tree.

Okay, that’s not WHY he stopped by the show, but the conversation definitely came up.

His secret to keeping it healthy and beautiful? Keep the tree hydrated with a mixture of half water and half 7UP!

I have an obsession. You know me—I’m not really involved in the house, I live in the house, I love the house, but that’s Sheryl’s domain, but when it comes to the Christmas tree, I am all over it. I’m obsessed with it drying out too soon.

Rob Lowe on the Ellen Show

The thinking is pretty smart. Cut plants love the sugar in the 7UP, which acts as a needed nutrient. Also, the citric acid in the soda may act as a preservative for the cut tree.

The problem? Well, sugar is a nutrient for cut FLOWERS, which Christmas trees don’t have. If you use THAT logic, the sugar in the 7UP doesn’t really provide any nutrient to the cut tree.

Also, it’s possible the sugar in the water might actually add moldy bacteria to the base of the tree — BUT people don’t seem to necessarily agree on this little fact.

So what I’m saying is, if you want to try this Christmassy miracle concoction of water and 7UP for you tree, go ahead. It might work, it might not.

Who really cares, anyway. Look at him! I’ll try ANYTHING Rob Lowe says at least once — *wink-wink*.

Here’s to a beautiful tree, and a Merry Christmas!

Check out the clip from Ellen’s show, below.

Also, check out how Rob Lowe’s son likes to troll him on Instagram. It is exactly the funny that my day needed!

Via Instagram

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