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Kim Kardashian Denies She Got COVID-19 From Her Island Birthday Party

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Kim K recently shocked fans when she spilled that she had contracted COVID after her big island birthday trip in October.

Not only did Kim catch the virus, but all four of her children also came down with the coronavirus.

The social media star — I KNOW she has a television show as well — took 25 of her closest friends and family to the private Tahitian island of Tetiaroa for her latest birthday celebration.

In case you are wondering — it was an all maskless event.

Which has led people to speculate that she may have caught the COVID whilst partying it down with her friends and fam in the luxurious locale.

Kim, however, denies that she got exposed to the virus while celebrating her birthday.

False. Nobody caught Covid from the trip.


She says that her son caught the coronavirus while he was at school, and he spread it to the rest of the family.

Kim ALSO revealed that she took the Baby Bar Exam — which she did not pass — while she was sick with the virus.

Well, does it really matter WHERE she got it?

I’m just glad everyone is now safe and well.

BUT, I do want to step on my soapbox for a minute, and tell the world to either get vaccinated or wear the damn mask.

That is all — you may go about your day as normal.

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