My Little Pony Singing A Song From “Dreamgirls” Is Something You Can’t Unsee…

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So many questions. So, first off, whose idea was it to have My Little Pony sing musical numbers in the first place? Was that person on drugs? Like, all the drugs? And what’s up with this pony…like, what kind of life has this pony lived that she has this much soul? When I was a little girl I loved MLP because they were sweet and barely ever got into trouble. This pony seems to have gone through a lot. Like, I’m thinking she lived on the street at some point. Or at very least with a man she shouldn’t’a lived with. This pony has LIVED, y’all! Take a look!

And it’s not that I’m against ponies singing musical numbers. I mean, I’ve been known to do it a time or two…you know, break out into spontaneous musical singing…but this is just wrong. Someone needs to flash me with that Men In Black thingie, STAT. I want my childhood back!

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