Elderly Woman With ‘Healing Tongue’ Licks Eyeballs Clean For A Living

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The world is a weird place. We all know this, but sometimes it’s easy to forget that outside of our sphere there are people who live differently than us. People who do things that we would never, ever EVER do. I think it is fairly safe to say this woman falls very squarely and strongly into that category. Not content with retirement, this elderly woman has started charging people for her to lick their eyeballs clean. Lick. Their. Eyeballs. Clean. In rural Bosnia and Herzegovina, 80-year-old, Hava Celebic or ‘nana Hava’ as she is known locally, claims to be the only person in the world who heals with their tongue. The frail old woman uses her tongue to remove pieces of lead, iron, coal, sawdust and glass from eyeballs after sterilising her mouth with alcohol. Patients will raise their eyelid for nana Hava to begin licking in search of a foreign body. Take a look!

Hava said: “I learned this from a woman who was also called Hava. Unfortunately I can not pass this to my descendants, because my children are too disgusted to put their tongue on someone’s eye.” Your children are not alone in that, Hava…but you do you.

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