Mom Took One Year Of Selfies To Keep Herself Motivated As She Lost 126 pounds!

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Anyone who has ever had a lot of weight to lose knows just how hard it is to stay motivated. From every day obstacles like trying to decide what to eat, to the personal fear of seeing yourself in the mirror and not being able to see a difference, it can truly be a daunting task. After the death of her husband, Justine McCabe, 31, reached a point where she was gorging on fast food and barely left the house. She truly hit rock bottom. Three months into mourning she was coaxed into going to the gym by family and friends to perk her up and encourage her to lose some of her hefty 313 pound frame. After feeling uplifted from exercising the mom-of-two realised she needed to change her life and started by taking a selfie every day for a year to document her weight loss journey. Take a look!

Like I said, anyone who has ever had a lot of weight to lose knows just how daunting that task can be, but with people like Justine out there to motivate us, maybe we can all find the courage we need to take steps to live a healthier life!

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