People Are Saying This New Horror Movie Is The Scariest They’ve Seen In A Long Time

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Add this one to your horror movie watch list.

This time of the year brings out what my husband likes to refer to as “the horror movie watchlist”. Basically, a collection of horror movies to get us in the Halloween spirit.

The newest addition on our list is one People are Saying It Is The Scariest Horror Movie They’ve Seen In A Long Time.

The movie is called Hereditary and was released in 2018 but that hasn’t stopped it from being talked about all over the internet.

People are saying it is disturbing, messed up and terrifying. One Twitter user even said it scared him so much, his therapist said to lay off the horror movies for a bit. WOAH.


The movie is described as:

In this taut chiller, the Graham family begins a downward spiral after the passing of their grandmother, whose presence lingers. Reclusive in life, she haunts her clan in death as they try to contend with the dark fate she’s handed down to them.

And from what I’ve seen online, I am not sure I can watch it. It looks terrifying (warning ahead, these are graphic)

Um, yeah it looks quite scary and messed up!

Also, it is from the same director as Midsommer which I’ve heard is a good horror movie as well.

Before you decide to watch it, take a look at the trailer below. By the way, I found the landing page on Netflix but if you can’t find it there, it’s available on Amazon Prime to rent.

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