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‘Bill And Ted Face The Music’ Will Be Coming To Theaters And Streaming Services Early

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Excellent, Dudes!! Bill and Ted Face the Music — the new Bill and Ted movie — is coming to theaters and streaming services EARLY!!

Like, August 28th early, to be exact. *Air Guitar*


Sure, this is only a week early, as it was originally set to premier on September 1st, but — HEY — a week early is a week early!! How totally non-heinous is this news?!?


Alex Winter, who plays Bill S. Preston, Esquire, made the announcement on his Twitter account, and an hour after the announcement, the post had already garnered more than 2.6K hearts.

I may or may not have been one of those hearts.


Now, this film will be available in theaters. But, are there any theaters open?

I’m going to go out on a limb, and say that most viewings are probably going to be of the ON-DEMAND variety.

But, hey. That’s becoming the new thing, is it not? It started with Trolls World Tour being available to stream upon opening, and it was just announced that the live-action Mulan is going straight to the new Disney Access streaming service.

Courtesy of Disney

Will you be streaming Bill and Ted Face the Music on August 28th? I know I will be!! Yes, Sir, Dude!!


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