Therapy Is Available For Fans of Game of Thrones After Season Finale

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Game of Thrones is over. Epically over.

Yes, The Game of Thrones Season Finale just happened and while we prepared ourselves as much as possible, you should know Therapy Is Available For Fans of Game of Thrones After Season Finale.


Yes, experts who will be well versed in the show will be available to listen to you bitch, cry, and express anger over the way the series will come to and end.

Counselors via will be on hand Monday, ready to help fans get through one of the most emotional and upsetting endings of a series – ever!

I mean, after what we just saw. We are going to need some therapy. That is for sure.

“All counselors will be familiar with the show,” says spokesperson Donna Clapp. “So (they) will be able to discuss plot twists and storylines, to help their clients digest their interpretation and feelings of the show, which can range from anger, confusion, sadness and grief.”

And don’t worry this therapy session will cost a hell of a lot cheaper than a visit to your local Psychiatric office.

Fans can book a 30 minute or 60 minute therapy session for roughly $25-$50 depending on the length of the session.

And if you complete your session and feel like it’s not enough, you can book as many sessions as you need.

Let’s raise our wine glasses in sorrow over the ending of Game of Thrones!

I still don’t know how to feel about what I just saw.

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