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It’s Game Time With DiGiorno Pizza ~ YUM!

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For most people, when it’s game time, that means football or some other sport, but not at my house! At my house, game time means pizza and video games! When you’re two hours into a gaming binge, the last thing you want to do is take time to cook. That’s why we love DiGiorno Pizza!

Digiorno Pizza and Video Games CBIAS AD

You just have to be careful to wash your hands before you touch your mouse– take it from someone who TOTALLY made that mistake. More than once. (What? My character was dying! I had to save her!)

I love the rising crust on this DiGiorno pizza. You seriously can’t even tell you got it in the frozen food section.

Digiorno Pizza From Walmart Ad CBIAS

The other night, when the rest of the family was watching some serious esports, they begged me to go get food. But, I am smarter than that! I know what’s up and I had already been to Walmart to pick up some DiGiorno frozen pizza and I had them waiting in the freezer for just such an occasion! So, I pulled out the pizza and in twenty minutes we had a seriously delicious meal.

Digiorno Pizza at Walmart Ad CBIAS

Dude, DiGiorno Pizza was $4.50 on Rollback at Walmart. You just can’t beat that. Do you know how much restaurant pizza is these days? It’s like twenty bucks. Seriously, NOT WORTH IT.

Digiorno Rising Crust Pizza from Walmart CBIAS AD

Man, as I am typing this… I wish I had more of that pizza in my freezer right now. It was so freakin’ good!

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