Hamster Has Epic Fail On Running Wheel

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Most of the time being a hamster is pretty easy. You eat, sleep, run on the wheel, poop on a little girl’s hand, then do it all over again. Not such a bad life. But even hamsters have bad days every once in a while… While enjoying the ‘run on the wheel’ part of his day, this hamster has an unfortunate run-in with one of his siblings who also, coincidentally, is at the ‘run on the wheel’ part of his day. At first it looks like the two might just run on the wheel together, but things quickly take a turn for the worst for hamster #1 as he’s first spun completely around the wheel, then left clinging for dear life as his sibling just keep running on his merry way… Take a look!

This poor hamster! Luckily, the little guy doesn’t look at all injured from his failed flailing and is back to running on his wheel with fur only slightly rumpled. Just keep going, little guy, no one saw a thing…

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