Little Girl Gives Most Epic Wedding Toast Ever!

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The absolute best thing about little kids is that you can not control what comes out of their mouths. And the guests at this wedding learned that first hand when this tiny guest decided she wanted to toast the bride and groom. Surrounded by adults, some brave soul hands this cutie pie the microphone so she can wish the new couple an amazing life together, but what comes out of her life is, well, way more informative than a simple, “Best Wishes.” This kiddo has her own way of bringing the newlyweds together and it’s pretty certain not a single person at this wedding is ever going to forget her unique brand of well wishes! Take a look!

Sure, sure, she eventually got to the, “Good luck in love and life” part of the speech, but everything that came before that was perfection. This kiddo definitely has a future as a toast master. And from the sounds of the crowd, maybe a comedian!

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