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Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ Will Have A Casting Change In Season 2. Here Is What We Know.

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OMG — have you watched The Witcher on Netflix. OBSESSED! I started watching the show on a whim, which turned into a marathon binge watching session — and now I must have more!

Courtesy of Netflix

I was so excited that they had started production of The Witcher Season 2 back in March — but then the coronavirus struck, and the world was put on hold.


UNFORTUNATELY, because of scheduling conflicts related to the curse of the coronavirus, Thue Ersted Rasmussen — who played fellow Witcher, Eskel, to Henry Cavill’s lead — will not be returning for season 2.


Don’t worry, though, Netflix is ON IT, and has already replaced Rasmussen with Basil Eidenbenz, who is a Swiss actor that you may know from the film The Favourite starring Olivia Colman and Emma Stone.


The show must — and WILL — go on, right! They aren’t going to let a little thing like a cast change stop a GREAT show from moving forward.


Rasmussen took to Instagram on September 23 to announce his plans to leave the show, calling it “heartbreaking” and an “inspired experience.”


“I wish everyone on the show best of luck with the rest of the production. I’m sure season 2 will be absolutely amazing and now I get to watch it as a fanboy instead of a Witcher.”

Thue Rasmussen on Instagram

The Witcher Season 2 is set to drop on Netflix sometime in 2021, and I can’t wait! You KNOW I will bring you a trailer as soon as one is available!!


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