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The Navarro Cheerleaders From Netflix’s ‘Cheer’ Appeared on Ellen to Preform A Routine and They Nailed It

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It has been a minute since the Navarro Cheerleaders filmed their smash-hit docuseries CHEER for Netflix. They have gone from celebrities in the world of cheerleading, to real-world celebrities in their own right.

And they are not stopping any time soon…


Members of the Navarro Cheerleading Squad recently appeared on The Ellen Show to talk about all things CHEER, and how the show has affected their lives since filming ceased.

Courtesy of EllenTube

We got a little “Mat Talk” from Jerry. He’s my faves!!

Courtesy of EllenTube

Gabi discussed how the show affected her home life — for the positive.

Courtesy of EllenTube

And, La’Darius talked a bit about his family finding out things they never knew about him before the show.

Courtesy of EllenTube

Coach Monica was there, and had only good things to say about “her kids.”

Courtesy of EllenTube

Then, the entire team took the mat for a spectacular performance of their famous Nationals routine.

Courtesy of EllenTube

I am completely amazed at how they can hit everything so perfectly, all while smiling and looking BEAUTIFUL!

Courtesy of EllenTube

The routine was, of course, flawless.

Courtesy of EllenTube

I am so in love with this team! They are totally amazing at what they do.

Courtesy of EllenTube

Watch the interview with Ellen, below.


You also can’t miss their routine! That’s the BEST part.


Catch the six-part docuseries, CHEER on Netflix .

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