You Can Get Giant Xbox and PlayStation Controller Tables For The Gamer In Your Life

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Now this is something I personally will geek out over…

Calling all gamer lovers to the table, literally, I’m calling you guys to an actual coffee table that looks identical to your gaming controller!


Designed in the shape of an Xbox or Playstation, there are now GIANT coffee tables that can twin with your gaming controllers.

What a totally cool way to show off your love for video games by buying an identical look alike to the gaming system that brings you not only happiness, but insane cat-like reflexes to your fingertips.


The two coffee tables are the perfect addition to your living room, man-cave or woman-cave. Low to the ground and made out of Birch plywood, this coffee table would be the perfect house warming party gift!

I mean c’mon, who wouldn’t want their coffee table to match their gaming controller in the living room!


Now these two coffee tables can come either in an Xbox or a Playstation.

Handmade and made out of Birch plywood, the Xbox and Playstation coffee tables are designed to include every last detail of your gaming controller. Customers are also allowed to customize the color and height of their coffee tables.


Whether you’re an Xbox or Playstation fan, these two coffee tables will surely impress your gaming buddies!

With a flat black finish and an option to include a glass top, there’s even a secret compartment in the back of the Playstation where you can store even more video games!

You can order your Game Controller Table Here.


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