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Baby Yoda Tree Toppers Are The New Holiday Trend And This Is The Way

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It’s pretty standard for Christmas trees to be topped with stars. That’s what we have. And sometimes you will see angels or snowflakes, etc. But what if something new were trending? Would you skip tradition and go for it?

It is no surprise at all that Baby Yoda has become a tree topper. I mean, he is kind of the star of the year. But the extent that it has gone viral is cracking me up!


New tree angel this year and his name shall be calleth… ##grogu ##HolidayVibes ##madalorian ##treetopper ##christmasdiy ##babyyoda

♬ Baby Yoda – Song a Day

The first time I saw it was on TikTok, and I loved the idea of the floating ornaments near by as Baby Yoda used the force. And apparently the whole world joined in on loving it.

And yes, for those that want to come at me for saying Baby Yoda, I know he is “The Child”. But the world has deemed that name for him and it’s hard to get attention when calling him The Child.

And no, there’s not really a place to buy Baby Yoda Tree Toppers. Most are just using stuffed ones that can be bought at Build-a-Bear, Walmart, etc.

So how to do you feel about this trend? I have a stuff Baby Yoda, but I don’t see myself replacing my tree star for it. Maybe if I were still single in my totally nerded out apartment.


But my husband and kids want normal Christmas things…for now.


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