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Milk And Cookies Aren’t The Only Snack Santa Eats, Here Are Snacks Children Leave For Santa Around The World

It’s a Christmas tradition to leave out milk and cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, but milk and cookies aren’t the only snack Santa is eating when he delivers presents around the world.

For example, while Australians also like to leave out a plate of cookies for Santa similar to the U.S., they tend to replace the glass of milk for a full cup of beer.

Speaking of beer, some Irish families will leave out a pint of Guinness for Santa for all of his hard work!

Britain prefers to leave a glass of Sherry and mince pie, which is a small sweet treat filled with dried fruits and spices stuffed in a flaky crust.

Christmas in Argentina continues until January 6th, score! Their tradition includes children leaving out their shoes the night before Three Kings Day to be filled with presents.

Hay and water are also left out for the king’s horses.

In the Netherlands, children will also leave out hay with an addition of carrots to feed Santa’s horses, and yes, I said horses. In some parts of Europe including Denmark, Belgium, and the Netherlands, they believe that Santa’s sleigh is guided by horses instead of reindeer.

So it looks like Rudolph didn’t make the cut!

Children in Denmark prefer to leave out rice pudding specifically for elves while kids in Iceland leave out laufabrauð, which translates to “leaf bread” that tastes like a crispy wafer.

France’s tradition is to leave their snacks in shoes instead of the dining room table including biscuits for Santa and carrots for the reindeer which will later be replaced as presents.

Finally, Germany likes to leave out only handwritten notes and not snacks that will later be replaced as presents!

So it looks like Santa isn’t only munching on milk and cookies, he’s drinking beer, collecting notes and feeding his reindeer carrots while he has the chance! Happy Holidays!