Starbucks Has Sugar-Free Drinks. Here’s How To Order Them.

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Starbucks doesn’t just cater to the sugar loving coffee drinker.

They do have 2 syrups that are sugar-free, for those that don’t want or can’t have the sugar: Vanilla and Cinnamon Dulce.

That means you can get several different drinks combinations, even if you can’t have all the sugar!

You can get hot beverages: Hot Coffee, Teas, or Lattes, and add sugar-free syrups to make your own unique concoction.

Like a Sugar-Free Snickerdoodle: A Sugar-Free Vanilla Latte with one pump of Sugar-Free Cinnamon Dulce syrup.

Ask them about their hot teas. They have SO many to choose from, and they are all sugar free! Then you just add to them whatever sugar-free syrup and sugar-free sweetener you want!

Maybe a hot Peppermint Kiss: Peppermint hot tea with 2 pumps of sugar-free Vanilla syrup.

If it’s an Iced Coffee beverage you are wanting, you can just get those sugar-free Lattes over ice!

Refreshing and cold, this is how I prefer my coffee!

Try an Iced Sugar-Free Vanilla Latte, with 2 Splenda sugar-free sweeteners added. YUM!!

Maybe an Iced Tea is your thing! They have several different sugar-free options for you: Black Tea, Green Tea, White Tea, and Passion Fruit Tea.

Try sugar-free Vanilla syrup in Passion Fruit Iced Tea. HEAVEN!


Don’t get all fancy if you don’t want to. Just get a Black Iced Tea with a couple Splenda or Equal packets added. There’s no shame in that!

You don’t have to comletely miss out on the flavor just because you can’t have the sugar!

Just choose a drink, and make it your own!!

The special drinks listed are NOT on the Starbucks menu, so you will have to tell them the recipe above. They are, however, OUT OF THIS WORLD good!

Here are a few more drinks for you …


Want to get a Venti iced beverage for the price of the Grande? Check out how we do that!

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  1. Hello, I am in the process of getting new teeth. I like my coffee cold like a shake… NO sharp ice, COMPLETELY blended. So I ordered a carmel frappuccino blended beverage. A venti with nonfat milk. I lowered the pumps of carel syrup by half and still nearly lot consciousness from all the sugar… Like I guess it’s in the actual coffee?

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