People Are Saying The FRIENDS Set is Also Featured in Hocus Pocus and My Mind is Blown

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Woah. Just Woah. My mind is truly blown.

Two of my favorite movies/shows have something major in common and I had never noticed before…

the famous opening credits of the popular sitcom Friends features a fantastic fountain

The news has been spread like wildfire on Facebook with people posting this image:

did you know that the fountain in the Friends credits is also in the movie Hocus Pocus?
Credit: Hail the Villains

As you can see in both shots, the iconic fountain that was filmed in the beginning of every episode of Friends is also featured in the scene when Max, Dani, Allison and Binx run through the park in excitement thinking they defeated the witches and the fountain can be seen behind them.

The happy scene in Hocus Pocus was filmed on the same set as the opening credits for Friends

Apparently this is the first time people have learned about this (like me) while others have known about this for a long time:

Some people are even quick to say that it isn’t the same house/fountain but it actually is.

The reason?

Because both the Hocus Pocus movie and Friends was filmed on the same Warner Bros. lot featuring the same scenery.

Awesome, right?

And now you know – now you’ll never be able to unsee it!

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  1. “Woah. Just Woah. My mind is truly blown.”

    I guess people’s minds are blown so easily these days. Would your mind be blown if I were to tell you that “whoa” is an actual word in the dictionary, and it’s spelled “whoa,” not “woah”?