This Student Got Suspended for Selling “Squirts” of Hand Sanitizer To His Friends in School

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It’s official guys, the Coronavirus is now considered a pandemic and it’s without a doubt that people are doing everything they can to make sure they stay healthy.

During the outbreak, there’s been some crazy situations. Many grocery stores are completely out of toilet paper, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes.

Chefs are making pastry Coronavirus lookalikes and if that’s not all, there’s currently a student who’s been making money off of the Coronavirus outbreak!


Can you believe it? A student has actually come up with a way to make some extra cash during the pandemic.


In the United Kingdom, at the Dixons Unity Academy in Leeds, Oliver Cooper was caught selling squirts of hand sanitizer to all of his friends at school! That’s right people, just SQUIRTS of the hand sanitizer, not the actual bottle!

64 cents was the price to pay for each individual squirt and in total the kid only made $11.

The mother explained that her son purchased a bag of Doritos and will spend the rest of his profits on a kebab which is super funny!

Oliver Cooper and his mother Jenny Tompkins
Courtesy of Ashley Pemberton / SWNS.com

In the meantime, the student’s mother posted her son’s entrepreneurial skills on Facebook and it went viral; there were nearly 198,000 reactions to the post!

Even though most of the comments were praising the kid, the school however did not find it as funny and has suspended the kid.


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