This French Chef is Making Coronavirus-Shaped Chocolate For Easter

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If you think you’ve heard enough about the Coronavirus, wait until you get a load of this one! It involves baking, yes you read right, baking!

Courtesy of AFP

When it comes to baking, we’ve all seen those impressive videos where chefs make cakes look like REAL inanimate objects, for example a coffee mug or a bag of chips!

Courtesy of AFP

Now you must be thinking to yourself, how does the Coronavirus relate to baking? Well I’ll tell you why! There’s a French pastry chef making Coronavirus-Shaped Chocolate Easter eggs.

Courtesy of AFP

These chocolates are only sold in France, however they’re sold at Pré’s shop in Landivisiau, just incase you were curious! The chocolates are handmade by Chef Pré himself.

The dessert is made up of milk chocolate that’s painted black and drizzled with crushed red-colored almonds for a crunchy exterior!

Courtesy of AFP

In the past week, Chef Pré has stated that he’s sold dozens of his chocolates to customers over the past week, and the reason why he starting making the Coronavirus-Shaped Chocolate Easter Eggs, is because “it makes them smile in these difficult times, said Chef Pre.”

You can check out the full video below!

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