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You Can Get A 5-Foot Tall Pink Skeleton For Halloween And It’s Absolutely Boo-tiful

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When you think of Halloween, you don’t usually think of pink.

But, maybe — just maybe — pink is the new orange!!

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You can get a 5 Foot Tall, Pink Posable Crazy Bones Skeleton, and OMG it’s adorable.

Each Pink Skeleton features ratcheted joints — they move — in its arms and legs, so you can pose it however you see fit.


Look at the undead from a new rosy perspective with our Posable Pink Crazy Bones Halloween Decoration! 


Now, this Pink Skeleton can’t stand on its own, so you’ll need to hang it from something — like your front porch.

It comes with a cord loop on top, so you can easily hang it.


BUT, it would look super cute leaning up against a wall or sitting in a chair to greet all those Trick or Treaters.

Why be plain, when you can be pink?!?


This Pink Skeleton runs $59.99, and you are totally going to fall in love with these bones!

You can get your own 5 Foot Tall, Pink Posable Crazy Bones Skeleton from the HalloweenCostumes website.


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