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You Can Get Beetlejuice Themed Candles and They Terrifyingly Cool

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These are brilliant! The detail on these Beetlejuice themed candles is amazing. I want them, but I don’t know that I could bring myself to actually burn them! I think I would love them just as a decor piece!


Just look at them! They’re super cool, right? Candles are awesome because they are great as decoration and also serve a functional purpose. I just don’t know if I could bring myself to burn these beauties!

Tiffany Robertson – Etsy Reviewer

The post office sent this little dude on a journey along the east coast, but it finally arrived and in one piece! Excellent packaging and I love this candle! Thank you!

Tiffany Robertson – Etsy Reviewer

You can choose from Beetlejuice, the Shrunken Head, or Barbara and Adam. Or order all three, because um…why not?

sabrinuuh – Etsy Reviewer

Looks just like the photos. I love it! Planning on getting more soon.

sabrinuuh – Etsy Reviewer

They really do look just like the photo from the listing. They come sealed in plastic to keep them protected while they travel through the mail to your home.

Brittany Howarth – Etsy Reviewer

Seriously so cute I love it thank you! It even came sooner than I expected!!

Brittany Howarth – Etsy Reviewer

The Beetlejuice themed candles are unscented. They measure 3 inches tall and 2.25 inches in diameter.


You can purchase your own Beetlejuice candles from WickedEmbrace on Etsy for only $6 each! I need them all!


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