You Can Get Candy Canes That Have The Flavor of A Freshly Brewed Cup of Coffee

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Candy canes are one of the most seen sweets around the Christmas season. And if you love them, you NEED these coffee candy canes they sound AMAZING!


I was never a fan of candy canes as a kid. The peppermint was just a bit too strong for me and my fingers always got sticky. But these, have got me excited!


According to the description:

These brown striped candy canes have the flavor of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. After a long night of delivering presents, we’re betting Santa would rather have one of these than a cup of milk and a sugar cookie.


I finally found a candy cane that I want to find in my stocking this Christmas so I call that a win!


These are available in a 6 pack for $7.79 on Amazon right now but you can also find them in some regular stores!

Just don’t wait around for long, because I am going to assume this flavor is going to go pretty fast!

You can Order Your Coffee Candy Canes Here!


Have you stumbled upon any cool or unique candy candy flavors? Let us know in the comments so we know which ones to cover next!

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