Auntie Anne’s Released A Frozen Peach Lemonade Drink and I’m On My Way

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I’ve been craving a frozen drink all day today. I have no idea why, but I’m thinking it may be because of the summer heat. 

It’s currently 93 degrees today where I live and it is hot! 

All day, my roommate and I have been trying to decide on where to get our frozen drinks from. There’s always Taco Bell’s frozen Baja Blast, Rita’s Italian Ice or slushies from Sheetz; however none of which have peeked our interest. 

Coincidentally, Auntie Anne’s has introduced a new frozen beverage and this may be the one to satisfy our taste buds. 


They say grandma always knows best, but today our favorite Aunt has our backs.

The company has launched a Peach Lemonade Frost that’s mixed with frozen lemonade, a vanilla smoothie base, peach flavored syrup and whip cream on top! 


Auntie Anne’s Lemonade Frost drinks are back in full swing this year and they come in a handful of flavors including Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Mango, Cherry and of course Peach.  


You can purchase the new Peach Lemonade Frost for a limited time only in either a 12 or 20 ounce cup. 

Auntie Anne’s here we come and I want mine in a 20 ounce size please!

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