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You Can Make This Fox Mask Out Of Recycled Cards And It’s So Cool

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Question: What does the fox actually say?

I found this Fox Mask on Etsy when I was looking for cute and quirky Halloween costumes.

Courtesy of Wintercroft on Etsy

This fits the bill of both cute AND quirky, plus it is a pattern. So, it is something that you can put together and create yourself.

You could even use the pattern over and over again to make different masks. How fun, right?

Courtesy of Wintercroft on Etsy

Not only THAT, but this mask is made with recycled cards. WHAT?!? I know! Too cool.

(These masks) are ideal for wearing to festivals, parties and even weddings! You will be amazed by the experience of watching your Mask come together as each component is joined.

Courtesy of Wintercroft on Etsy
Courtesy of Wintercroft on Etsy

I was super intimidated to make this Fox Mask at first. I mean, I am no origami expert, my friend!

But, the seller assures us that this PDF pattern comes with “easy to follow instructions.”

Courtesy of Wintercroft on Etsy

Now, it is important that you know that what you are paying for is a PDF pattern. It is not the actual mask.

Our Full Masks completely encase one human head and can be custom-fitted with the internal headband included in the templates. Our Masks are designed to be easy to build, robust, and should survive the wildest events.

Courtesy of Wintercroft on Etsy
Courtesy of Wintercroft on Etsy

You can INSTANTLY download the digital template, once you pay for it. You don’t have to wait for it to come in the mail, which is great!

This Fox Mask Pattern is $7, and you can find it on the Wintercroft shop on Etsy.

Courtesy of Wintercroft on Etsy

Check out this COOL mask using the SAME pattern, but made out of mirrors. GAH! It’s beautiful.


While you are on Etsy, you have GOT to check out this Plague Doctor Mask that you can make from fabric. It is super amazing!

Courtesy of suntree a-ok on Tumblr

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