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Here’s A Free Pattern To Make Your Own Quilted Plague Doctor Mask

We found this pattern for a gorgeous “Plague Doctor Mask,” and I learned THREE things from it today.

Courtesy of suntree a-ok on Tumblr

FIRST — The pattern is made by mctreeleth’s page on Tumblr, suntree a-ok, who is AWESOME!

She is offering this pattern for FREE, and it’s a pattern that she COULD charge a LOT for.

Courtesy of suntree a-ok on Tumblr

SECOND — This is a replica of an ACTUAL mask work by doctors during the plague, in the 17th century.

They would put spices and oils down in the beak, and the thinking was that this would keep the doctors from contracting the plague as they worked on the victims.

Spoiler Alert — It didn’t actually work, but it looks hella-cool!

Courtesy of suntree a-ok on Tumblr

THIRD — I am not patient enough to follow a pattern and sew. I can hand-stitch all day long, but I was bored overwhelmed just READING this pattern.

This takes a level of precision, perfection, and patience that simply is not in my nature.

Courtesy of suntree a-ok on Tumblr

The quilting on this bad boy is GORGEOUS, and I’m a little jealous that somebody has the talent to complete the project!!

Courtesy of suntree a-ok on Tumblr

Sara, from suntree a-ok, let’s you know UP FRONT, that this is not a pattern for a beginner to complete.

You have to be skilled in, and have a good grasp on sewing and following a pattern.

Courtesy of suntree a-ok on Tumblr

She does go through the step-by-step process for completing the mask — but it makes me dizzy just to look at the pictures.

Courtesy of suntree a-ok on Tumblr

I would gladly PAY for something like this, but I could never, in my lifetime, complete something as beautiful as this plague doctor mask.

Courtesy of suntree a-ok on Tumblr

If you actually follow along, and make this mask, I’m going to need to see pictures. I freaking admire you for being able to do something so creatively gorgeous.

Courtesy of suntree a-ok on Tumblr

Now, Sara DOES make the point that she is not sure of the efficacy of this mask — meaning, she doesn’t know if you should wear it during this crazy time to keep germs away.

We do have plenty of face mask patterns to follow, if you need a simple mask to wear on the daily.


Wednesday 27th of October 2021

Love this idea! It’s definitely got both a retro style & a whimsical feel to it. If you can work a sewing machine ( spoiler alert: this Mask wasn’t completely hand-sewn) you’ll be able to pull this off. I also wanted to add that the Original Plague Doctors who adorned these Bird-beak masks often did NOT die. Everyone was preoccupied with a fear of Respiratory droplets and began covering their faces with cloth & Leather Masks; frantically quarantining those who they believed were “contagious” and locking themselves away at their homes. Western Medicine was still in development during that time period. This was back when Doctors still thirsted for knowledge & focused on unearthing the miracles of the Human body. Unfortunately, they were oblivious to the importance of sanitization and bawked at the thought of it. It was completely normal for them to soak Scalpels, Scissors, & other operating tools in their own Urine; yes, their own pee! Urine was thought to be a powerful astringent. Many people died as a result of the Black Plague due to the obsessive use of Cloth Masks which caused Bacterial Pneumonia, Staphylococcus infections of the face/mouth, Hand, foot & mouth disease, Thrush, other fungal infections and oxygen deprivation. The plague Doctors had no idea why their full leather outfits smeared with herbs & Garlic combined with their leather masks filled with lavender, rosemary, thyme, and other herbs were actually helping them. They didn’t suspect that a “harmless” Mouse or Rat could be carrying a very, very, tiny flea, and that these fleas were the true cause of the disease! Fleas are repelled by the very herbs that the Doctors used to cover themselves and they couldn’t bite through their leather outfits! I believe that we could all learn a thing or two if we researched the use of Masks during the Black Plague. For information regarding the current catastrophe that has swept through our World, please check out: Happy early Halloween everyone! :)


Sunday 10th of October 2021

Me encanta tu trabajo, cómo puedo conseguir el patrón de la máscara?


Friday 17th of September 2021

How do you get the pattern? Where is it?


Monday 12th of July 2021

I made it last year. Thank you it brought much laughs.


Sunday 11th of July 2021

I would love this pattern <3