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This Restaurant is Seating Mannequins At Tables To Make Social Distancing Less Awkward, But it’s Creepy

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Yea, so this is a weird thing I came across today. First of all, have you been out to a restaurant lately? We reopened for dine-in here in Texas, so Mother’s day my family took me out to eat.

Every other table was blocked off to account for social distancing. Ok, no big deal.

I like not having some unruly kid kicking the back of my seat or leaning over my shoulder while I eat. I also like not having to hear every bit of someone else’s conversation, because loudness is hard on me.

But there is this restaurant called The Inn at Little Washington in Virginia that has other plans. Now, this isn’t some roadside novelty restaurant.


This is a highly rated restaurant. Like, real fancy. Way beyond my fancy, which is Olive Garden. If you say you are taking me somewhere nice, I’ll say “Oh! Olive Garden?“, but even then I don’t dress up because it isn’t “real” fancy.

This place is the real deal!


I doubt this is even a place I could afford to go. They serve caviar. The food looks like art.


I mean, it’s super cool to see the photos of the place and like I said, this is not some place you would expect to see what I am going to tell you about.


They plan to reopen for dinner on May 29th. Now when they reopen to start serving customers inside, they plan to have the seats at tables that are designated as closed, to accommodate social distancing, filled with mannequins. Ummm…

That’s creepy right? If not creepy, then maybe a little uncomfortable? Odd? Something from a horror film? I like horror, so I can kind of dig it.

The mannequins will be dressed in vintage 1940’s style clothing which ups the weirdness level even more to me. I mean I would totally go, but only if you’re paying. Road trip anyone?


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