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You Can Get A Heated Footrest For The Person Who Always Has Cold Feet

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This is totally going under my desk while I work! Gah!!

Ya’ll, it’s called Toasty Toes, and you might gather from the name of the product, its sole purpose in life is to keep your feet warm.

I don’t know about you, but if my feet are cold, the rest of me is cold. There is just no warming up if the tootsies are freezing!

I love the fact that this is a footrest (short people problems), but then, if you are cold, you can turn on the heat! It’s totally has two functions in one product!!

But, what if you have a cool standing desk, but your feet are frigid? Not a problem. There are three positions to this Toasty Toes gadget, and one of those positions accommodates standing.

It also has more than one heat setting, so you don’t have to get burning up hot if you don’t want to. Be like ME, and keep it simply on the warm setting.

The Toasty Toes ergonomic foot warmer combines a space heater & ergonomic foot rest into one space-saving design.
– Energy-efficient; uses just 90 watts
– Improves circulation & blood flow
– Reduces fire hazards
– Is safe to the touch
– 3 adjustable positions – may be used as an ergonomic foot stool, upright flat panel heater, or heated mat


Foot warmer uses just 90 watts, the same as a standard light bulb, and works by putting heat directly at your feet instead of blowing heat where you don’t need it like a common space heater. This greatly reduces wasted energy and money.


You can get your own Toasty Toes on the Amazon website, and it will only put you out $37! That’s totally worth having toasty toes, AMIRITE?!?

Want another cozy way to keep your feet warm? Check out these heated socks for your freezing cold feet.


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