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Disney Released A Purple Poison Apple Mug for Halloween and I Need One

Disney knows how to do Halloween!

Leave it to Disney to make everything Halloween come to life. And if you needed one more reason to head to a Disney park, this is it.

Disney Released A Purple Poison Apple Mug for Halloween and I Need One!

The traditional Poison Apple from Disney is the red and white like the one below.

But there is also a green and white one as well like this:

But to me, those scream more Christmas than Halloween and that is why I am so excited they released the eery purple one! AHHHH.

The purple poison apple mug can be found inside Disneyland’s Market House for $15.99 and comes with fruit of your choosing—either grapes or pineapple. 

If that isn’t your poison of choice, according to the Disney Food Blog, the Aristocrepes at Disney Springs will fill the souvenir mug with a boozy Halloween slushy. The caramel apple drink is spiked with Crown Royal Regal Apple Whiskey and will run you $21.95.

Um, YUM and that is my poison of choice!

By the way, while you’re there, check out these other boozy drinks Disneyland has to offer.

And if you can, see if you can spot any of the magically grown Mickey shaped pumpkins!

If you don’t live close to Disney and won’t make it by Halloween, ask a friend or family member to snag you one. Tell them it’ll make your dark soul happy!

Happy Halloween!

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