According To Experts, You’ve Been Washing Your Sheets Wrong Your Entire Life

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You would think that we would all have it down…adulting things like washing sheets. But you would be surprised how many of us are doing it all wrong!

For starters, we should be washing our sheets only on cold water. Who knew… Apparently it’s just as effective cleaning, but also reduces the wear, tear, and fading!

It’s also best to have two sets of sheets to help give them a longer life. Plus, if there’s any accidents or you’re too tired to wash the current set, you have a backup plan!

If you have dark sheets, it may be best to seek out a detergent specifically for darker colors to keep it from fading faster. And keep a stain remover close by for sweat stains or any accidents so you can save them immediately!

Other really good tips are to use the normal cycle only and make sure not to overfill the washing machine so that the water and detergent can fully penetrate the fabric.

When it comes to drying, using a clothesline outside can actually be the best option! It helps preserve the natural fibers and colors of the sheets.

If drying your clothes outside isn’t an option, a low heat and tumble is the best alternative. Just make sure you take them out of the dryer right away so they don’t wrinkle!

Now, when it comes to how often you should wash them, the average goal is 1-2 weeks. (preferably one) If you have a dust mite allergy or sweat a lot, you may need to do it more often.

Have you already been following these guidelines or did you learn something new like me?

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