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Here Are Some Amazing Halloween Costumes Inspired By The 90s

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We are so close to Halloween and I still haven’t decided what I want to dress up as, have you already decided?

If you’re like me and still on the hunt, I have a list of amazing costumes inspired by your favorite movies, cartoons, and more from the 90s for some nostalgic fun!

I loved the 80s, but the 90s sure were some good times as well, with a ton of great movies released.

One of my favorite movies of all time is ‘The Sandlot’, and my favorite scene is the one where ‘Squints’ tricks Wendy Peffercorn into thinking he was drowning so he could steal a kiss.

Not that I have the confidence to wear it, but this Wendy Peffercorn costume is awesome!


Another favorite movie of mine is ‘Clueless’ and you can get a Cher costume that features her iconic yellow plaid outfit!


Who could forget ‘The Magic School Bus’?


You can totally dress up as Ms. Frizzle for Halloween this year!

Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!

Ms. Frizzle – The Magic School Bus

Were you into Sailor Moon?

Well, you can totally be her with this Sailor Moon costume!

You are never too old for Halloween!


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