Jennifer Lopez Yelling at Ben Affleck to Get Her A Glazed Donut at Dunkin’ is Everything

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Y’all, did you see the Ben Affleck/Jennifer Lopez Dunkin’ Super Bowl Commercial? It was awesome.

Berlin, Germany – August 18, 2018: Dunkin’ Donuts bag and Iced Coffe.

Now, you may remember that a few weeks ago pictures circulated about Ben Affleck working the drive-thru at Dunkin’ and surprised customers.

Well, that all makes sense because it’s likely that was all done during the filming of this super bowl ad.

In the ad, you see Ben Affleck working the window at Dunkin’, taking people’s orders and trying his best to figure out the “bagel” button LOL.

Then all of a sudden Jennifer Lopez shows up to yell at Ben and asks:

“What are you doing here? Is this what you are doing when you say you are going to work all day?

Ben then says:

You’re embarrassing me in front of my friends.

I got to go guys.

And then JLO replies:

Grab me a glazed!

LOL these two are funny and total couple goals!!

I mean it’s entirely relatable, if my husband was working there, I’d do the same thing lol!

Watch the commercial below.

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