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Michael Keaton is Back as Batman in The New Flash Movie and I’m Freaking Out

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OMG!! I am so dang excited.. Did you see it?

During Super Bowl today, the full trailer for The Flash movie aired and guess who is in it? BATMAN.

But not just any Batman, THE BATMAN in my book – Michael Keaton!!!

Michael Keaton’s Batman in ‘The Flash.’¬†WARNER BROS.

Yes, after so many years of rumors of him returning as Batman, it’s FINALLY happening!!

Now, the trailer also shows Ben Affleck who you also may remember as being Batman.

So, it looks like they are doing something like Spider-Man did with the different Spider-Mans from the Spiderverse but this time, it’s different Batman’s from different universes.

Um, this already looks crazy good and I am so excited to see Michael Keaton reprise his role as Batman!!

You can watch the new Flash movie trailer below. It’s in theaters June 16, 2023.

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