Costco Is Selling Breaded Spam Patties And I Am Utterly Curious

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Costco has breaded and boxed Spam patties, and people are freaking out. They are rushing out to buy the stuff, and shouting the praises of all the recipes that can be made with this — uh — meat patty?

Apparently there is a LOT of air frying going on with these Spam patties, and it has me curious.

Courtesy of Spam

I’m not even joking right now. Like, I’m not trying to be funny. What is Spam? Seriously.

I’m a California girl — yes, I have lived in Texas and North Carolina — but I have never tried a Spam. I’d never even heard of the stuff, until I moved to the south. Never have I EVER shoved a piece of Spam in my mouth.

I’m scared. I mean, is it like bologna? Because, I don’t eat bologna, either.
It looks decent, kind of, when you bread it, and then fry it. But, then, do you eat it like a hamburger? I’m kind of getting a McRib vibe here.

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Is this a good Costco find? You get nine servings (I’m guessing that means nine patties — maybe eighteen) per box. That’s more than a pound-and-a-half of — er, are we calling this meat? — per box.

The box states that it is a fully cooked, breaded pork patty. It should be kept in your FREEZER until you are ready to take it out and use it.

I’m going to need someone to report back to me on this — because Momma’s not about to test the waters, here. I’m more of a tofu kind of girl.

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A box of these breaded pork patties will cost you just shy of $10. Apparently you can make quite a few things with this delicacy, it seems to be only limited by your imagination.

I’ll just kindly stay over here eating my tofu. You let me know what you think of the breaded Spam patties!

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