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The Weeknd Memes Are Taking Over Twitter And I Can’t Stop Laughing. Here Are Some Of The Best Ones.

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Either you loved it or you hated it, or you just simply wondered why… No matter how you felt, memes are always funny.

The Weeknd’s Halftime Show for the 2021 Super Bowl has Twitter in meme overload!

From the robot choirs, fireworks, bandaged faces… there is just so much material for the meme creators!

Remember, memes are fun! Always in good fun… well mostly! Remember when Bernie Sanders embraced his meme and made a ton for charity with it?

People have been going wild with the clip of The Weeknd when he stepped into the backstage area, his panicked face and movements made for great meme material!


I’m actually laughing at most of these because they are so relatable! I mean, have you ever been to Ikea? I have a panic attack just thinking about it!

Oh yes, I have been that girl that had too many drinks! People really do look like this when you’re spinning out of control in a drunken state… not anymore, I’ve totally grown-up…

Ha, you all know you are looking at those pizza rolls in the microwave just like this! I need to go grab a snack, I’m suddenly hungry.

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