This Barber Has Gone Viral for Giving Free Haircuts to Disabled Children and We Need More People Like Him

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This barber has gone viral on TikTok for the kindess of his heart.

Vernon Jackson, the barber who has touched the hearts of thousands has gone viral on TikTok for giving free haircuts to disabled children.

Vernon’s acts of kindness went viral after posting a video of providing a haircut to 7-year-old Ellison Eubanks who has Down syndrome and a congenital heart according to the The Cincinnati Enquirer.

Since then, Vernon’s haircutting has flooded for you pages and even landed a spot on Jennifer Hudson’s talkshow!

Courtesy of @thebest1period

What he calls the “Gifted Event”, Vernon explained on The Jennifer Hudson Show that his program is all about creating a safe space for disabled children while getting their hair cut, per The Cincinnati Enquirer.

Vernon mentioned that he was heartbroken to hear about the horror stories where many disabled children felt unwelcome and were even mistreated when receiving haircuts.

He also explained on the show that the name of the event was specifically picked for children to feel empowered and because each and everyone one of them are gifted as well!

Courtesy of @thebest1period

“I wanted it to be a name that was empowering for the child and for the families,” Jackson explained. “They’re gifted and live life a special way, so why not call it gifted?”

Vernon Jackson
Courtesy of @thebest1period

Julie Eubanks, Ellison’s mom also stopped by to thank Vernon for his big heart and to tell him that Ellison loves getting his haircut by him!

The Gifted Event has so far totaled over $76,000 in donations and Vernon himself has provided over 300 haircuts!

Courtesy of @thebest1period

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