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This Tiny Baking Kit Allows You To Make Tiny Foods Right In Your Own Oven

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You can get your own Tiny Baking science kit, that comes complete with all the tiny kitchen gadgets you will need to make the 20 recipes included with the set. And, BONUS — it uses your own oven!


I’m totally loving the Tiny Food craze. It totally reminds me of the old Easy Bake Ovens, but on a smaller scale.


One reason I really like Tiny Cooking, is that my kids love it too. It actually gets them into the kitchen, and makes them WANT to create things. My picky eaters expand their culinary taste buds, and learn a bit of science in the process.


We have really been able to dig in and get our hands dirty with these real-world science experiments (aka baking).


Tiny Baking! is the science kit that deserves an A for Adorable, a B for Baking, a C for Cute, a D for Delicious, and an F for Food! Featuring tiny culinary tools and easy-to-follow recipes to make itty-bitty cooking creations, this kit taps into two growing trends: child chefs and the fascination with creating tiny food.


The diminutive size and adorable cuteness of Tiny Baking! will have kids hungry to whip up super-small culinary concoctions using teeny-tiny tools. Recipes include miniature versions of classic favorites like lattice-crust pies, layer cakes, cupcakes, and pizza.


When schools closed in March, both of my kids missed out on going to STEAM competition with their schools. If you aren’t in the know, STEAM is an acronym that mean Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.


STEAM projects really challenge young minds to come up with creative problem solving for different projects dealing with the science, technology, engineering, art, and math fields. It translates into the real world, because kids are able to think for themselves, and accomplish otherwise complicated tasks with ease and creativity.


And as all chefs know, there’s a lot of STEAM in cooking. As kids measure, mix, and heat their mini meals, they’ll be learning important science and math concepts like measurement, chemical reactions, nutrition, states of matter, taste and smell, temperature reactions, and more!


Not only is Tiny Baking a great STEAM project, it is GREAT for bonding time with the kids! We can go in the kitchen and make a little pie together, and the kids don’t even REALIZE we just spent intentional time together that they will remember forever.


Sounds awesome, doesn’t it!


You can get your OWN Tiny Baking kit on the Amazon website. It only costs $20, and can equate to HOURS of tasty time spent with your kids.


Watch the video below. You will want to immediately go buy one of these Tiny Baking Kits. Ha!


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