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You Can Get Fireproof Skulls For Your Fire Pit and They Are Creepy Cool

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This is insanely cool, by far the coolest thing I have seen today! Do you have a fire pit or fireplace? If so, this is just what you need for Halloween, or year-round if you love horror! It is a fireproof skull!


The skulls are steel reinforced, and fireproof! They’re produced with lava granules and significant high heat-resistant ceramic refractory. Also, they are made right here in the U.S.A!

Husband brought these to put in our gas fireplace on the deck. great conversation piece! They look pretty cool when fire is going. We have had many fires with them in there and they have held up great!

Melissa – Amazon Review

You can choose from 3 color choices, a grayish white, black, or brown. After being in the fire, they take on a more realistic look. Although they look pretty dang realist from the start!


The description says that they are about the size of a child’s skull, which makes it even more creepy!


You can get several of them to stack up to make a bigger impression. Just imagine stacking the skulls high in the fire and the looks on visitors faces when they see it!


If you have a portable fire pit, you could set it up in the driveway on Halloween night to sit by while you pass out candy. you’ll stay warm and you’ll also be adding to the Halloween decor.

You can purchase your own skull replicas for your fire pit, or fireplace on Amazon for only $34.87! I want several!


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  1. Absolutely wonderful. Such a hit. Loved the differences between the two I bought. Totally satisfied ❤️

    1. You’ll need to click over to the listing on Amazon to see where they ship to. 🙂

      1. Gotta get that click through money..

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