You Can Get A Cookie Cutter That Makes A Giant Skeleton Cookie That Pulls Apart In Pieces

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I have a bone to pick with you… a cookie “bone”.


I cannot even tell you how excited I am that I came across this skeleton cookie cutter!!


This cookie cutter makes a giant skeleton cookie that you can pull apart into pieces! In fact, it pulls apart to make 34 cookies!!


According to the description, this is a full length 11 pc cutter set that creates a 34 pc set of cookies and can be used as a stand alone platter or as a spooky show stopper candy buffet for Halloween!


Once the cookies are fully decorated, Mr. skeleton measures 27 inches long & 9-12 inches wide depending on how his arm bones are styled!!


This Skeleton Cookie Cutter will run you $35.00 and you can get it from the Etsy Shop CherryOnTopSupply Here.


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