You Can Get A Pop-Tarts Inflatable Pool Float So You Can Lay On A Frosted Pastry All Summer Long

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Pool noodles are an old fashioned pool float to use in your pool.

Instead, nowadays you can choose to float on a giant rainbow cloud, a pink princess carriage, and even ride floating battle boards to play bumper cards with in the water.

Pop-Tarts wants your summer to be the most creative and colorful it ever has even been considering their newest invention, the Pop-Tarts inflatable pool float!

Courtesy of Five Below

The colorful pool float looks exactly like the soft breakfast pastry that the kids and even mom and dad throw in the toaster to eat for breakfast every morning.

Courtesy of Five Below

The purple and blue “frosted” toy even has a bite taken out of one of the corners to make this pool float look even more realistic.

Courtesy of Five Below

You can currently get the Pop-Tarts pool float for $16 on Amazon for all of your summer needs!

Courtesy of Five Below

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