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Meet “JANE”, The Woman Scammed Out of 100K After Being Catfished By A Fake Bruno Mars

Ladies… c’mon! Well, you men too, y’all need to stop falling for this stuff! However according to the FBI, romance scams are on the rise.

The internet is not a new thing, scams online are not a new thing. Some of them can be easy to fall for, however… if it seems to good to be true it most likely isn’t true.

According to the FBI, in 2020 there were over 23,000 reported victims. $605 million in losses!

Apparently, a woman from Texas who wants to remain anonymous, made an Instagram account back in 2018 when she was 63 years old. She somehow connected with someone on Instagram claiming to be Bruno Mars.

“Jane” had lost her husband and was lonely and vulnerable. She truly believed she was speaking with Bruno Mars.

@Iz_gba – Twitter

They developed an “online relationship” and eventually the obvious Bruno Mars imposter asked her for money. Um, I’m pretty sure he’s rich…


The person even instructed her on how to send this money. She sent cashier’s checks for 10K and than another for 90K… 100 freaking THOUSAND DOLLARS!

Oh my…


Police were able to track down where the money went, which into the account of Chinwendu Azuonwu. He was arrested along with an alleged accomplice by the name of Basil Amadi.

They even came to her house to collect money from her for ‘Bruno’ that wasn’t real Bruno.

But, these two men are only one small part of the scam. They opened the bank accounts, and are being charged money laundering.

The actual scam is global and these men were recruited for just one part of the scam. Investigators are hoping to track it down to the root.

Click2Houston reported that the scammer told the woman they were leaving the tour to come to be with her. Um, red flags, right? Well, fake Bruno told her he needed this money for “tour expenses”.


Fake Bruno told her that he was leaving the tour to come to be with her. Please y’all just think! I’m sorry for this lady, but we need to get back to using common sense, please.

Also, remember accounts without the verified blue checkmark are usually fake. After hearing her speak on the news tonight, I feel bad for her and she is so embarrased.