Cardi B Just Performed ‘WAP’ At The Grammy’s And It Was Exactly What You’d Expect

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So, that happened…

If you are not watching The Grammy’s right now then you just missed Cardi B’s performance of ‘WAP’.

But let me just tell you – it’s probably just exactly like you’d expect.

Very sexual. Minimal clothes. Lots of booty shaking. And of course, lots of censored lyrics.

Honestly, the song was so edited (obviously needed to be) that I am not sure why she chose to perform that song but whatevs.

So, yeah. I mean Cardi B looks amazing but I am glad my kids weren’t watching.

Those outfits and all the booty shaking and tongue sticking out left little to the imagination if you know what I mean.

I mean at one point Cardi B began using a stripper pole off a giant high heel.

I will say, I admit what Cardi B has done for herself but I am not a huge fan of her.

She can certainly dance but I guess I just don’t enjoy the overly sexualized performances.

What did you think? Did you like her performance?

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