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Never Place A Hot Lid Face Down On Your Glass-Top Stove. Here’s Why.

I do a LOT of cooking everyday, even make some crazy mistakes, but I have NEVER exploded my stovetop.

Thank goodness someone else did it and sent out the warning, because this is something I could EASILY see myself doing.

I’m in charge of, not only cooking for MY family, but I make the meals for my grandfather, parents, and sister — who all live across the street.

So, I do a TON of cooking everyday.

(If you want to check out one of my FAVORITE recipes, check out this Easy Rotisserie Chicken Salad recipe)

That being said, I have done some REALLY stupid things when it comes to multi-tasking in the kitchen, and trying to get everything done.

I have geniously stuck a large Rubbermade plastic lid onto a hot burner on my stove, not even thinking.

The hot, melted plastic lid STUCK to the burner, and then stuck to the counter, when I pulled it off the burner and threw it on the counter.

Talk about something I thought RUINED my stove (it FINALLY came off).

I have also baked bread in my oven — only THIS bread wasn’t homemade, and it was still in its plastic wrapper.

I had QUITE the dripping gooey mess to clean out of the oven.

But I have never EVER *Thank God, and Knock on Wood* suctioned a steamy lid to my cooking surface, exploding the cooktop like a bomb.

Apparently that is what sometimes happens if you stick a hot lid down on your glass-top stove — which I have mindlessly done a thousand times.

See, the heat gets caught between the lid and the stovetop, and makes a strong vacuum — kinda like one of those vacuum-packed food containers — it just sucks the air right out of there.

Sometimes that vacuum seal is so strong, it shatters the stovetop, sending glass shards EVERYWHERE.

Thank goodness, nobody was hurt when THIS disaster happened, but it could have easily gone really badly.

So, this is a PSA. When you are cooking, THINK about what you are doing.

NEVER set a hot lid face down onto your glasstop stove.

It may not happen the first time you do it.

It may not even happen the second time you do it.

But, eventually that lid is going to cause some MAJOR damage, and besides needing an entire new stove, you just might win a ride to the ER.

Please stay safe out there!