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Pringles Released A New Chicken And Waffles Flavor and I’m Trying It

Mmm, chicken and waffles, I could go for a platter of chicken and waffles for breakfast today.

When savory meets sweet, there’s no stopping your tastebuds on a flavorful ride of deliciousness!

Well, if you like chicken and waffles as much as I do, you might actually fall in love with this new product by Pringles.

Not only has Pringles blessed the world with a new flavor in town, but the can was spotted at Dollar General, which means you can buy 40 cans if you’d like for cheap!

Now I’m sure you’re ready for me to spill the new flavor so here it is, it’s CHICKEN AND WAFFLES! But I’m sure you already knew that from my crafty hints up above.

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It’s Review Time! 🧇🍗 Cheese and Pasta, Ketchup and French Fries, Cereal and Milk; these foods all pair together perfectly like they’re almost born for each other. Well @pringlesus has brought the greatest pair of them all to chip form! I present, Pringles Chicken & Waffles! • • Now I absolutely LOVE chicken & waffles, the sweet and fluffly waffle with the sugary syrup paired with the seasoned chicken is just amazing! So I knew when I heard about @pringlesus releasing these, I had to get my hands on them! And they did a PHENOMENAL job! Now I found these at my local @dollargeneral and from what I can assume these are indeed Dollar General Exclusive so check there. They are also Limited Edition, so you’ll want to stock up now before they’re all gone! A can of course was only 1.50$ since it is the dollar store! Ahah 😂 But what a steal that is, I picked up 2 cans and thankfully I did because I’m nearly finished with the first lol! Now as I’ve always said, I absolutely LOVE @pringlesus artwork on their cans and this one is no different! We have a Pringle chip who has been turned into a chicken sitting atop a wooden fence with a glorious and inviting plate of fresh chicken & waffles right in-front of it, with a golden sunset in the background. I mean how cute! Now for the smell test I was blown away, these were SPOT ON, and I let multiple people smell to make sure I wasn’t imagining it! But they too smelled it! You’re first greeted with that sugary sweet maple smell that is the syrup, followed right behind it with a sort of sweet and salty mix smell like a waffle fresh out of the waffle maker. And then finally the last notes are that of a seasoned chicken! They should make this into a candle! 😂😂 Now the taste is right up there with the smell! I get the waffle and syrup right off the back and that seems to take the lead, although both flavors do mix together. Then at the end of the chip you’re greeted with that salty seasoned chicken flavor, almost similar to those cubes you get that you put in soup that are pre seasoned like chicken! Overall @pringlesus absolutely did an AMAZING job on these and I was they would stick around longer! 8.5/10 🌟

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The only bad part is that this flavor is out for a limited time only, as expressed on the can and exclusive to Dollar General.

So while you can get the new Chicken and Waffles Pringles for cheap, I’m hoping you have a Dollar General near you so you can try it out for yourself!

Who knew Chicken and Waffles would someday be in the form of a chip, but hey I’m not complaining! I also won’t tell anyone if you secretly keep all the Pringles to yourself, because I know I’m hiding mine!

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