You Can Get Golden Girl Ornaments For Your Tree

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Etsy is rockin’ it out right now!! There are the CUTEST things listed right now… and I want them ALL!

They have the biggest gift for me with these GOLDEN GIRLS TREE ORNAMENTS!! I’m not talking just one ornament. You can find all different kinds.

Via Chuddywinks on Etsy

Etsy seller, Chuddywinks, has these amazing wood ornaments. She makes them on Maple plywood, and has each of our favorite Golden Girls with a saying underneath their picture.

Via Chuddywinks on Etsy

One ornament will cost you $8, or you can get the entire set of four ladies for $30.

CopperAndToad has the CUTEST Dorothy and Sophia ornaments, that can double as gifts for mom or daughter. $26 gets you BOTH ceramic ornaments and a ribbon for hanging! My grandma would love one of these!

Via CopperAndToad on Etsy

Check out the WilliamsburgMugCo for this super-cute 3 inch ornament! This runs $9.75 with FREE shipping. Wouldn’t this make the PERFECT gift for your best friends to say ‘Thank you for being a friend.’ Squad goals!

Via WilliamsburgMugCo on Etsy

My FAVORITE Golden Girls ornaments come from CoastieKay. They are handmade on felt, and I could just buy them all up right now! They run $8.50 each, or you can get the set of four for $30. I totally need them in my life and on my tree!!

Via CoastieKay on Etsy

TheCraftyRadke has this acrylic Golden Girls ornament featuring Dorothy and Rose for $14.99. The maker says this ornament is shatter-proof, so it might be GREAT if you have small kids or pets. Watch our for that boa feather, though!

Via TheCrafyRadke on Esty

This totally-cute ornament is in the shop of OliverMaeGifts. It can be a ready-made gift, as it comes with a BOX. It is on SALE right now, so it will only cost you $11.99! It’s ceramic, and comes with, not only a box, but a gold ribbon for hanging.

Via OliverMaeGifts of Etsy

Etsy even has this — wait for it — LIGHT UP TREE TOPPER featuring our favorite Golden friends!

Via KitschCultureCanada on Etsy

KitschCultureCanada carries this $40 one-of-a-kind, handmade star that lights of on the sides and illuminates the picture from behind. If you love that kitsch look, your sure to love this glorious tree-topping find!

Have a Merry and Golden — Girls that is — Christmas!!

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