This App-Controlled, Talking Piggy Bank Will Make Kids Want to Do Their Chores

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This piggy bank isn’t like the piggy banks in our day.

Meet Wiggy, the smart, speaking, App controlled piggy bank. It puts the kids more in control of getting their chores done — Hallelujah!

Via Amazon
Via Amazon

Parents, you can set the chores you want done through the app. Wiggy the piggy* can then talk to the kids, and let them know what needs to be done. Progress and goals are tracked right through the app.

It makes chore time more like a game — which I know MY kids will love! It also makes the kids the managers** of their own chore time, giving them a huge sense of accomplishment and control.

Via Amazon

It’s not like the kids just get to check off a chore when they finish. Completion of each chore has to be approved by a parent. So you still get to guarantee that the chore is done thoroughly and correctly, but the kids will think they are in control — sneaky, isn’t it!

Via Amazon

Kids and parents alike are loving this little chore helper. You can find him (her?) on Amazon. It will cost you $49.99, and that includes Wiggy, the App, Wiggy’s crate, and the instruction guide.

Wiggy is iOS and Android compatible, and comes in several CUTE designs.

Via Amazon

You can even get a — wait for it — Wiggy Ninja Pig! Gah! My son will absolutely love it!

Via Amazon

My daughter will love this Wiggy spotted pig. Look at those cute pink accents!

Via Amazon

Of course, Wiggy comes in her (his?) own crate. It is a pig, afterall. You have to Handle With Care.

Via Amazon

See how Wiggy works below, and then get YOUR Wiggy here.

Avoid the inevitable whining and crying that goes along with chore time. Get this little Wiggy for your kids today, and make chore time hassle free and happy.

*Although that’s the CUTEST name ever, it’s just called Wiggy.
**We all know the parent is ACTUALLY the manager.

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