Amazon Is Selling A Set Of Witch Stakes That Light Up Your Yard For Halloween

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Similar to how Santa comes around once a year, the witches return during spooky season.

Amazon is selling two different sets of tall witches and they are truly frightening to look at.

Each set comes with 3 witches holding hands; I guess witches don’t travel alone and each one is faceless, scary huh?

Whenever you see witches holding hands, you know they’re about to conjure up a spell, good or bad.

Courtesy of Amazon

Although, something about these faceless witches are giving me shivers up my spine.

Each set of witches also have glowing heads and are held up straight with plastic stakes.

Courtesy of Amazon

What differentiates the two sets of witches are their outfits, similar in color but slightly different in appearance; however, every witch is wearing a hat, a long black gown and has the same level of spookiness.

Courtesy of Amazon

Place these witches in the front yard with a fog machine, a few pumpkin heads in front of a glowing cauldron, and you’ll have the perfect scene set up on Halloween night.

Courtesy of Amazon

You can purchase the first set of sister witches for 100 dollars, with the second set costing $104.

Courtesy of Amazon

Not to mention, both sets only require batteries to illuminate the six witches, so you can save on electricity and exclude the hassle of buying a long extension cord!

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