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Migraine Sufferers Say This Headache Relief Cap Is A Total Game Changer

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I started having debilitating migraines when I was about 13 years old.

Headaches suck, but migraines are so much worse.

When I know a migraine is kicking in I have a list of things I do to try to knock it out before it takes hold, but that doesn’t always work.

Once the migraine has taken hold I have some other things I try to get some relief and to get it to pass faster.

I’m on daily medication to help prevent the worst of them, and then I also have rescue meds to help as well, but sometimes they break through all of the precautionary measures.

When the migraine takes over there is very little I can do other than wait it out and try to sleep as much as possible.

Today I learned about the Headache and Migraine Relief Cap and this may be a great option for some people.


Personally, I can’t use ice due to another condition, however, ice is very helpful to many migraine sufferers and this would make that so much easier.


I can’t adequately put into words how thankful I am to have come across this product. I suffer from chronic migraines and this has been very helpful to me when I’m suffering. It’s the perfect amount of pressure on my head while the soft ice (that’s built in) helps too. I wish I could hug the maker of this product. It’s outstanding! I’ll be ordering a second one soon, so that I will be able to switch out when ice is no longer cold. I cannot recommend enough. 10 STARS!!

Jason Williamson – Amazon customer review

A dark room is also helpful, but sometimes your migraines hit during the day and it’s difficult to keep the light out.


With the Headache and Migraine Relief Cap, you can get the coolness of an ice pack and the darkness you need as well and hopefully some relief!

The Headache and Migraine Relief Cap can be kept in your refrigerator or freezer based on your preference so it is always ready when you need it.

scollins – Amazon customer review

I am a 42 yr old female who has suffered from chronic migraines that are debilitating for approximately 12 years. Yes, I am on preventatives and yes I’ve tried them all. I take Imitrex for the onset of pain but discovered some years ago that ice is my friend. My husband found this online for me as he always feels so bad that I suffer so much. I just ordered my 2nd that actually came yesterday. It went right into the freezer & now I will always have one ready on the days I can’t manage my pain as well as others. The pressure this cap offers due the compression feels great also. Much better than just an ice pack sitting on my head. I definitely recommend this cap!

scollins – Amazon customer review

You can wear it as a cap that will cover your temples as well, or you can use it as an ice mask that covers your entire face.

The ice packs can be arranged to sit behind the ears, under the eyes, and around your sinuses.


It’s made with a medical-grade liquid gel with a PVC cover that is tear and leak-resistant and can be reused safely up to 300 times.

Reading through the reviews I noticed that many mentioned how comforting the pressure of the cap was on their head.


They’ve made no claims of this being a miracle cure, but they do say that you’ll feel a bit better every time you wear it and hey… any improvement is welcome when you are suffering in pain.

You can order the Headache and Migraine Relief Cap on Amazon!

Viridiana – Amazon customer review

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