Police Are Urging Women to Strap Their Purses To Carts While Shopping

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I’ve been doing this for years so, I didn’t really think much of it but if you don’t do this, you need to… Police Are Urging Women to Strap Their Purses To Carts While Shopping to Prevent Theft.

The holiday shopping season is in full swing and that means crowds are everywhere and unfortunately, that means thieves are too.

While we like to think of the holidays as the most wonderful time of the year, it’s also the time of the year some people use to take advantage of others who are busy or distracted.

So, how can you keep your purse, money and personal belongings protected?

You can of course, use a cross-body bag or just bring in your credit/debit card and keep the rest at home.

However, if you insist on bringing your entire purse, you can strap your purse to the cart so it’s not easily able to steal.

Basically, you take the straps of the child seat belt on the cart and wrap them around the handles of your purse and then snap it closed.

If you have kids or the cart doesn’t have straps, use a carabiner clip to attach your purse to the cart.

Police are urging women to do this in order to protect themselves from theft during this time of year and it’s brilliant (which is also why I’ve been doing it for years).


It only takes a minute to do and can save you from being a victim of theft this holiday season.

Happy Shopping!


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  1. When wearing a crossbody bag wear it inside your coat.

  2. Why even bring the purse inside? Especially if you are by yourself. I put what I need in my pockets. I’ve worked retail for many years and cant get over how many women walk away from their purse in the basket. You dont need your entire purse. All you need is your method of payment, and that will fit in your pocket. Leave your purses in your trunks or at home, this is by far the best method. Now that this is all over social media, the purse snatchers know what to look for.

    1. Thieves also watch for people that leave their purses in their car. They smash the window and take the purse.

  3. I use a small cross-body purse, it stays on my person (even in the car). Also note that in both those pictures, the purse is unzipped, making it that much easier for anyone to REACH INSIDE and grab a wallet/checkbook/prescription drugs/car (and/or house) keys/cellphone!

  4. I have been doing this for years it’s a sure thing

  5. Done this for years… always make sure you zip it or snap it closed. Too many women turn their back on their purse. Recently my sister-in -law had hers stollen that way.

  6. Please tell people to stop strapping the pocketbook to the cart. Most of these crooks carry box cutters I worked supermarket security in New York for years.hold your bag. They cut the strap with ease

  7. I never take my purse in. All you need is your cashor cards. Change purse in my pocket in my jacket.

  8. I carry my gun in mine, so I dont leave it in a buggy. My grandson is usually with me, so I am always aware of my surroundings. I’m also a Correctional Officer, so I am use to watching my things around questionable people. I would never strap my bag in.

  9. Why would anybody put their purse in their cart?? I keep mine on my shoulder.

    1. I have because it hurts my back carrying it around. A lot of women do!

    2. Nowadays they bite your arm hand shoulder that holds your bag, to get attention away from your bag and focus on your pain. Then the make a run with your bag.

      1. I’ve never heard of a thief actually biting someone to grab your bag. That is horrible and who knows what they have, but it doesn’t surprise me, thieves will do anything to get a buck.

    1. Because I ride a bus to the store I take a backpack. It’s wearable. Plus I can carry purchases home in it.

      1. I had someone try to take from my back pack. Got their hand in but took nothing. My grandson stumbled. As I moved differently to help him I felt something. The chap ran off but had taken nothing. Phone was elsewhere and he obviously couldn’t feel anything worthwhile yet.

  10. I always been my purse over my shoulder and never put it in my cart. Am amazed how many ladies I see walk away from their carts leaving their ours s in them. Even with strapping them in the wallet could quickly be stolen.

  11. Thieves will take your wallet out of your bag while it’s still strapped to the cart. You wont even know until you get to the checkout because you think your purse is safe because it’s strapped in.

    1. Exactly, I worked retail and seen this happen a lot in my 28 years experience.

  12. I only wear cross-body purses. I never have to wonder where my purse is. If you do stap your purse in the cart I’d do so in the cart closest to you but under the seat, at the bottom of the cart.

    1. Try to use metal clasps. Someone told me thieves will quickly cut thru the cloth straps.

    2. A friend in law enforcement told me that I should stop wearing the cross-body purses (that I thought were safest to use) because someone could use the strap to do bodily harm to me. If they grab the purse, they can then wrap it around the neck or use it to fight you. I was told to go to a regular shoulder strap, but hold it close to my body.

      1. Agree. But I also keep my purse on me. Strapping it v the cat c us no guarantee. What keeps someone from casually taking your cart when your back is turned?!?

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